Thursday, 27 May 2010

"Big Hitters"


In the two months before polling day, I worked full time on the general election. I interviewed a few 'big hitters' as they're known in the newsroom. Boris Johnson, Vince Cable (at 3 mins 36), David Willetts (at 6 mins 42), Chris Beverley from the BNP (at 9 mins 02) and John Denham (at 12 mins 28).

And here are a few election quirks I came across...

It's election delivering time in Sheffield and someone's been cheating!

Leeds unconvinced by new Tory billboard campaign.

And finally, in the build up to polling day I put together lots of research on all the (74) constituencies in ITV Calendar's patch. This included finding out the names and contact details of the candidates. When I called the press team at the Labour Party they tried to sell me the info! Why do we want to pay to publicise their candidates? You won't be surprised to know they gave in without payment.

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  1. WOW! Informative, yet easy on the eye! Boris is looking fit and healthy as ever... what a pleasure to watch!