Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Reporter's Dream - BBC Radio Car

I've been working on the radio car shift at BBC Radio Derby recently and it's been really enjoyable. I've learnt loads about the patch - Derbyshire and East Staffordshire - and met some great people. I can broadcast live from almost anywhere in the patch by putting up a 30 foot mast from the car.

One of my favourite radio car reporting jobs was at a sweet shop in Alfreton. I found this story while out on another story - the most effective way of discovering new ideas in my experience. I was in Alfreton voxing locals about the success of the town's Football Club. If I'm struggling to find people to speak to me on the street, I resort to going in shops to vox pop and the first one I went to was Anne's sweet shop. There's nothing better than reporting on a story that you've found, especially in a sweet shop!

Click play below to listen to my piece.

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