Saturday, 12 March 2011

Reporting on Travellers' Story

A group of Irish travellers in rural South Derbyshire have had their application for planning permission to live on a field in Church Broughton rejected. They bought the land and started living in caravans there without planning permission so applied after the council put a stop notice on the development.

It's well known in the journalism world that travellers do not often agree to speak to the media so I was very pleased to gain their trust so that they were happy to be interviewed.

I made a package on their story before South Derbyshire District Council made their decision to reject planning permission (As well as the package, we also interviewed a local councillor on the BBC Radio Derby breakfast show to ensure that our coverage was balanced)... I also did a live report on the story soon after they moved to the village in November 2010...

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  1. very difficult situation - I can sympathise with both sides..I couldn't hear the comments of the local councillor because my computer didn't pick up coverage well.