Friday, 27 May 2011

Misleading Journalism

This type of journalism really annoys me. It gives journalists a bad name. The headline in this Metro article is 'We'll Stuff Take That!' and yet if you read the quote from the The Wanted in the article below, you'll see that it has nothing in common with the headline. They say: "We want to be big or bigger than Take That", not we'll stuff them or we'll be bigger than them. A trivial example I know, but far too often newspaper headlines simply do not fit with the stories. Poor journalism.


  1. - It is a catchy headline though, which whatever meaning one gives to 'We'll stuff Take That' doesn't attract me to the singers at all. Big-headed loudmouths who want to get noticed and don't mind how they do it.

  2. What paper is this? The punning possibilities with Take That are endless, so I'm surprised the journalist settled for that.

  3. It's from Metro. The point is the headline doesn't match the quotes in the article