Saturday, 30 August 2014

Scissors Saved!

I'm back covering South Yorkshire for BBC Look North following the end of the Tour de France and recently reported on a very enjoyable story about the resurrection of a traditional Sheffield business thanks to the internet.

One of the only scissors manufacturers in the UK has been saved from closure thanks to a video on the internet that's spread around the world. Two months ago, Ernest Wright and Son in Sheffield was on the verge of closure after a hundred and twelve years in business due to a lack of orders. But that all changed when a video-maker created a short film of what they do and posted it online...

BBC Copyright 

It was a real pleasure to film behind-the-scenes in a factory that's been making scissors for 112 years! I spent three hours shooting there, gathering interviews and lots of different shots of the scissors being made in the process. The beauty of a story like this is that there are plenty of opportunities to capture interesting pictures. I made sure I filmed lots of close-ups of the craftsman, their scissors and machines. Including close-ups not only make for more engaging packages but also mean that it's easier when editing the report e.g. two wider shots of a craftsman edited one after the other can jar especially if the person has moved, while a close-up can be followed with any type of shot so I always get lots of them.

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