Sunday, 11 December 2016


I've been working on a very disturbing story about a man who was wrongly convicted of sexually abusing a fourteen year old girl. Rassam Ali was cleared of the crime on appeal but only after he'd served 18 months in prison. He believes police failed to investigate the case properly and he was made a scapegoat because they were under heavy scrutiny following the Rotherham child sex grooming scandal.

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  1. How come South Yorkshire Police didn't look at CCTV evidence BEFORE considering prosecuting this person ?

    How come the Crown Prosecution Service agreed to go ahead with the prosecution when CCTV footage had NOT been analysed ?

    Is the 14 year old girl who brought this false accusation going to be brought to justice or can she just say what she likes ?

    This person has had to spend 18 months in prison - and had his reputation sullied - due to a malicious girl and lazy and irresponsible Police and CPS teams .

    No doubt clearing his name cost his family a fortune, to say nothing of the effect on his business and his family's lives.

    This is very, very worrying. The young man should definitely seek compensation from the Police force.

    Probably only the tip ot the iceberg. How many other cases like this, but hidden?