Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Gary Caldwell

I've been down to Chesterfield to meet their new manager Gary Caldwell. The former Wigan boss has the challenge of keeping the Spireites in League One.

Filming, editing and scripting this story in a few hours was a challenge as there's a lot to think about - who are you going to interview? What shots do you need to make a good package? How can I make this of interest to people who aren't into football? Fortunately I could film with the fans who'd been invited down to the press conference so I focused the story around them...

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  1. Interseting to hear how you put together a piece for the news. I think you should have added 'FC' after 'Chesterfield' in the first line of your written intro - otherwise the 'their' which follows in 'their manager'sounds strange.

  2. Would be unfortunate to be in the relegation zone on Roll Difference. Good piece Mark. New gaffer looks pretty young.