Monday, 14 January 2008

Searching for the next big engine online

I've recently heard about a UK search engine that I think could be big in 2008. is a search engine where users make money for charity every time they search. The user chooses which charity they want to raise money for and 50p in a pound raised goes to their charity. The money is raised thanks to advertising on the site.

I asked Anthony Mayfield, from digital marketing company Spannerworks, whether he thought everyclick had the potential to be big. He quickly dismissed the possibility - I assume because it doesn't search the same number of webpages that Google does. But the site is starting to get more coverage for example in the Guardian. And aims to raise £1 million in 2008 as it expands to the States.
Hopefully you'll hear much more about everyclick this year and maybe even start using it. But until it has the power to search as many sites as Google and co, I fear it may not be as successful as the charities will be hoping.

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