Sunday 19 May 2024

Chris Kamara

“Unbelievable Jeff!” I had a thoroughly enjoyable time filming, photographing and interviewing Chris Kamara this week who's been awarded Freedom of the City of Wakefield. It's in recognition of his services to charity and the city ⚽️😀 

This is the article on the BBC News website and here's my interview for BBC Radio in Yorkshire...

Sunday 5 May 2024

Meadows Nursery

I thoroughly enjoyed filming at a nursery in a deprived area in Sheffield which is clearly having a huge positive impact on both the development of children and the wellbeing of parents. Meadows Nursery in Shirecliffe is unique in that it's part-funded by Save The Children and Sheffield Hallam University. Places there become available from a child’s second birthday, a term earlier than government funding. I also wrote an article on the story for the BBC News website.

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Sunday 28 April 2024

Wrestling live

I had a lot of fun reporting on a really successful professional wrestling club in Sheffield which has moved to a bigger venue because it's become so popular. Pursuit Pro Wrestling offers local amateur wrestlers the opportunity to hone their skills with training sessions. Even though the live dropped out, they came back to us and we enjoyed ourselves there...

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