Tuesday 29 December 2009

Golf Millions

I went to a golf course to meet a very rich lady and a young golfer who's benefited from the money she's given to charity. I put a 'piece to camera' (where I talk to the camera) in the story because when I worked at ITV Meridian they were expected in packages. I regret putting it in as it didn't add anything - I think pieces to camera should be used to show viewers something extra.

Sunday 20 December 2009

York Troops

Troops parading always provide good pictures for TV news stories. I enjoyed the challenge of being out in York with the soldiers and then heading back to the newsroom in Leeds to edit the package all within a few hours.

Saturday 12 December 2009

ITV Trainees' Highlights

This video was put together at the end of the 2008/09 ITV News traineeship. It captures what it was like to be a trainee and always puts a smile on my face when I watch it. We saw it for the first time on the trainees' last get together in Birmingham in September and rounded off a very enjoyable traineeship year.

Sunday 6 December 2009


At the training in Birmingham which I talked about in my last post below, we (the trainees) were encouraged to go out and film a story on our own. So I went to a care home in Birmingham who'd been left without the use of phones for weeks. I started by interviewing the manager in her office and then I filmed some shots of the care home. I've always enjoyed using the camera but it's hard work - you have to consider focus, exposure, the audio etc.

Unfortunately the video cuts out before the end of the interview clip but you it gives you an idea of the story I shot.