Sunday 30 August 2009

Meridian Swan Song

I recently finished as a trainee at ITV Meridian in Southampton to start a job as a 'newsroom journalist' on the Calendar news programme on ITV Yorkshire in Leeds. It means I'm back in Yorkshire and living in my favourite city in Britain, Sheffield.

I had a great nine months at Meridian where I worked with some true professionals. I learnt how to set up stories for TV news, produce news bulletins and report for TV. The story above, about warnings not to swim in rivers, is the last I covered for Meridian. I was strolling along the Thames near Henley seeing if I could find some people swimming in the river and luckily for me, I came across two eccentric characters!

Saturday 1 August 2009

'Anatomy of a Car Crash' - incredible radio

This has to be the best piece of radio I've ever heard. Listen to it, I bet it'll make you drive differently.

The programme is called Anatomy of a Car Crash and was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 yesterday.

It tells the story of a fatal car crash through the voices of the different people involved. There's no voice over which is a really hard technique to pull off in radio and in this case, really works. You won't notice the subtle music but it holds the piece together expertly and is very powerful.

Click HERE to listen to the programme.

The Daily Mail wrote an article on the programme when it was first broadcast in October last year that's worth a read.