Wednesday 29 June 2022

Women's Euros

The Women's Euros starts on 6th July and two of the tournament venues are here in Yorkshire. Sheffield's Bramall Lane and Rotherham's New York Stadium will host eight matches including a quarter and a semi-final. Assuming the Lionesses progress through the tournament, they'll play their semi-final in Sheffield.

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Sunday 26 June 2022

Matt Fitzpatrick

I put together a report and did a live on Yorkshire golfer Matt Fitzpatrick winning the US Open. It was a pleasure to cover such a positive story for the city I live in and love. It wasn't my best live but good enough!

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Sunday 19 June 2022


I filmed a story on people in Rotherham cashing in their £150 council tax rebate cheques at pawnbrokers because they cannot afford to wait for the money. A large queue formed outside the Cash Shop in Rotherham, which deducts a £15 fee for the service.

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Sunday 12 June 2022

Hallam Chase

I had the challenge of filming and racing at the Hallam Chase in Sheffield which is believed to be the world's oldest continuously held fell race. It's well known among runners as one of the toughest challenges out there and is truly historic, dating back to 1862. The race involves running down and then up two really steep big hills on the outskirts of the city. This has to be the hardest story I've ever filmed as I had to think about so much - gathering enough material before the start of the race including some of the interviews, running a really challenging race holding a 360 camera on a selfie stick and then filming interviews and footage of the winner collecting her medal etc after the finishing the race. The edit was also a challenge as it's very time-consuming to process the footage from the 360 camera as you have so many different angles to choose from and so much footage! It took me four hours to edit but I was pleased with the result.

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Sunday 5 June 2022

Dialysis at Home

A woman from Doncaster who uses a dialysis machine at home to help keep her alive is calling for the NHS to cover the cost of her increasing electricity bills. Dana Holmes has chronic kidney disease and says her health has improved since using her dialysis machine at home rather than in hospital and is convinced it saves the NHS money. Dana gets £96 a year from the NHS to cover the electricity costs of using the machine but she says since energy prices have shot up, it's leaving her more than £20 a month out of pocket.

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