Wednesday 28 November 2018

Page Hall Whip

I've been reporting on a story in the Page Hall area of Sheffield where police are investigating reports of youngsters from the Roma Slovak community wielding home-made whips and in one case attacking a resident. I interviewed Tomas Tancos from Sheffield Roma Network who's working hard to try to encourage the youngsters to behave and for the community to integrate.

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Sunday 25 November 2018

Hit and Run

I covered the very sad and troubling story of a woman who was knocked over and killed by a hit-and-run driver in Sheffield last month. This could have happened to any of us. Naomi Colcomb's Mum has appealed for the person responsible to come forward. I hope by reporting on this crime, the person responsible is brought to justice.

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Wednesday 21 November 2018

Stabbing Victim

I've been reporting on the shocking statistic in Sheffield that eight men have been stabbed to death in the city so far this year. Fahim Hersi was one of those victims. The 22-year-old was killed outside a cinema complex last month. The tragic irony is that he was a volunteer at Unity Gym in Broomhall where they try to stop teenagers carrying knives and divert them away from crime. I filmed at the gym with some of his friends who spoke for the first time about their loss. It was a very moving story to cover and I appreciated the openness and honesty of the young people I spoke to. The positive impact places like Unity Gym have on their communities cannot be overestimated.

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Wednesday 14 November 2018

Barnsley Neonatal Unit

I had the great pleasure of reporting on the opening of the new neonatal unit at Barnsley Hospital - a really heart-warming story. A million pounds has been raised to fund the project, including a big donation from a very well known Yorkshireman.

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More than nine and a half thousand fans turned out at the New York Stadium in Rotherham to watch England Women play Sweden. The Lionesses went down two-nil but the England manager Phil Neville has said they'll be back to play in Yorkshire soon. I was really impressed by how family-friendly the experience was - very different from some of the matches I go to normally.

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Sunday 11 November 2018

Anti-Knife Crime Club Night

Eight men have been stabbed to death in Sheffield so far this year. To try to discourage young people from carrying knives, an anti-knife crime club night has been taking place. It brought different communities together and challenged the stereotype that urban music like Grime is part of the problem. I thoroughly enjoyed filming this story and appreciated the honesty of the people I interviewed.

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Sunday 4 November 2018

Boeing Sheffield

I've been along to see the American aeroplane builder Boeing opening a state of the art factory in Sheffield. The plant, which is alongside the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Rotherham, will build components for new aircraft. I put a report together for our main programme...

...and an as live for our lunch bulletin.