Thursday 28 June 2018

Triathlon Fundraiser

I've been filming a story about a group of lads taking on a triathlon for the first time to pay tribute to their good friend who died on a stag do. Sean Leonard passed away in Berlin in March last year. It's thought he had an epileptic fit. I filmed the report using my normal JVC camera and a GoPro camera which I attached to the lads as they trained to try to show their efforts from a different angle.

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Sunday 24 June 2018


I've been filming a fascinating story in Sheffield. According to the police, if you give money to beggars, you are part of the problem. They say there's a big rise in the number of people begging in Sheffield and that a lot of the money the public hand over is being spent on drugs. Police officers say many of the beggars are not homeless and that if they are, there is support available. I filmed with the police on one day in the city. My story was on Look North...

...and a shorter version of my report was on BBC Breakfast...

...and two different pieces on 5 Live Breakfast...

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Sunday 17 June 2018

Scott Westgarth

I've been to film a follow-up story on the Sheffield boxer who died in hospital after a light-heavyweight fight in February. Scott Westgarth has helped save the lives of five people because he was on the donor register. His family and friends gathered to celebrate Scott's life close to his boxing gym in Hillsborough.

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Sunday 10 June 2018

Oliver Rowland F1

I've been down to Silverstone to film a story on a racing driver from Yorkshire who's on the verge of competing at the very highest level of motorsport. Oliver Rowland has been made the Official Young Driver for Formula 1 team Williams after earning his stripes in Formula 2. The twenty-five-year-old is hoping to make his F1 Grand Prix debut next season.

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Friday 8 June 2018

Leeds Triathlon

I've been reporting on the World Triathlon Leeds taking place this weekend. It's the third year in a row Yorkshire has been chosen to host one of the most prestigious triathlon races in the world. Here's my preview.

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Sunday 3 June 2018

Mountain Bike Film

I've been to film a story about a movie that's been shot in Sheffield on the site of the former ski village which burned down six years ago. The feature film is called 'Gamble' and showcases the talent of some of the best downhill mountain bikers in the world. I really enjoyed filming at Parkwood Springs with Joe, the filmmaker, and legendary Sheffield rider Steve Peat.

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