Sunday 28 February 2016

Child Sexual Exploitation Trial

Over the last few months I've been covering the Rotherham child sexual exploitation trial which concluded this week. Six people were sentenced to a total of 102 years in prison for grooming, rape and sexual assault of girls in the town. 

In preparation for the verdicts I went through the transcripts of police interviews with one of the victims that were played in court. I selected some of the key quotes where she describes the abuse she suffered. We filmed the following story with an actress...

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Sunday 21 February 2016

Social Media Videos

More and more nowadays we are expected to produce separate short videos for social media. These include text because when you're on Facebook and scroll past a video it'll play automatically without sound. You have to specifically turn the audio on to hear it so the video has to work without sound. Here's one I made recently about an £8 million project to transform the public spaces at the University of Sheffield...


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Monday 8 February 2016

Family Murdered

I've been covering the terribly sad story of the murder of a mother and her two children. The bodies of Geraldine Newman and her two children Shane and Shannon were found in their home near Castleford on Tuesday 2nd February. Their father is suspected of killing them. He was found dead on cliffs in North Wales on the same day.

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Monday 1 February 2016

Inline Skater

I filmed a really uplifting story recently in Rotherham about a fostered teenager who has gone on to great things. Karen Callaghan from Worksop is part of a Great Britain team who've won double-gold at the Junior Olympics for inline hockey in the United States. Karen had never put on a pair of skates until she was fostered by a family who introduced her to inline hockey...

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