Thursday 12 April 2012

BBC School Report: Jessica Ennis

In the build up to competing in the heptathlon at the London 2012 Olympics, Sheffield's Jessica Ennis held a press conference at the English Institute of Sport. This was a rare opportunity for journalists to have five or so minutes with her one on one.

As well as interviewing Jess for BBC Radio Sheffield I mentored Maisie and Stefen, a couple of students at Handsworth Grange School in Sheffield, who were interviewing her for the BBC School Report project. I really enjoyed guiding them through the day and gave them a few tips such as suggesting they ask their most important questions first (since you never quite know how long you're going to get with a 'celebrity'), encouraging them to keep eye contact with Jess and most importantly, remembering that it's just a conversation!

You can watch Maisie and Stefen's video on the BBC website by clicking here. And click here to read their thoughts on their day on the school's website. They are also featured on the London 2012 Olympics website!

Jess Ennis told me how far athletes push themselves - some are physically sick in training because of a build up of lactic acid. She revealed she feels sick every week after training but hasn't yet actually thrown up! Ennis also told me that she has anxiety dreams about competing but is yet to have a dream of winning gold at London 2012.

Jessica Ennis came across really well - she was happy to answer all the questions put to her and she was down to earth and genuine. Best of luck to her in the Big Smoke this summer.

Here's my interview: