Sunday 29 July 2018


I've been filming a story at hospitals in Sheffield where a chaplain there has been named as the 'most outstanding Muslim woman in South Yorkshire' in recognition of her work. Sabia Rehman won the top accolade at the Al Nisa Awards, which are a celebration of the contribution and achievements of Muslim women in South Yorkshire.

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Sunday 22 July 2018

Eeh Bah Gum!

I've been to film with a racehorse from North Yorkshire who is making a big name for himself after winning four races in a row. The achievement by the three year old colt is quite incredible in the racing world - plus he has the brilliant name 'Eeh Bah Gum'! I really enjoyed filming with his owners and trainer at the stable yard in Malton. I purposely kept the GoPro camera on the jockey recording after she had ridden Eeh Bah Gum to capture a close-up view of the horse being washed down.

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Sunday 15 July 2018

Trump Demo Live

I reported live from a demonstration in Sheffield against the visit of Donald Trump to the UK. It was very loud where I was standing (hard to heard the presenter in my ear) and the live link dropped out just before coming to us but that's irrelevant to the viewer - you have to deliver regardless of any stress behind-the-scenes!

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Sunday 8 July 2018

Man Engine

I've been to Wentworth Woodhouse to report on an intriguing event where the largest mechanical puppet ever built in Britain was on display.

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Sunday 1 July 2018

Pete McKee

I've been filming a really uplifting story in Sheffield. Hundreds of people have been donating to food banks in the city at a pop-up shop. In return for their offering, they were given a limited edition piece of art by the Sheffield artist Pete McKee. The event was called 'This Class Gives' and is linked to his new exhibition which celebrates the working class.

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