Monday 27 July 2020

Sheffield Cathedral Choir Scrapped

Sheffield Cathedral is being investigated over bullying and harassment allegations within the music department. It comes at the same time as the Dean of the Cathedral announced the closure of the choir in an attempt to boost diversity.

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Sunday 19 July 2020

Vets Hospitals

I've been filming at the PDSA's vet hospital in Sheffield. The charity says they've been hit hard by lockdown. Demand for treating sick pets has gone up at their hospital in Sheffield while funding from charity shops ground to a halt when they were forced to close.

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Wednesday 8 July 2020

10 years at the Beeb!

Filming in the snow!
Reporting on Oxford v Chesterfield

I'm proud to have clocked up 10 years continuous service at the BBC - at Radio Derby, Radio Sheffield, 5 Live, Radio 4, BBC Sport and Look North. It actually all started when I was aged 14, helping out on the phones on BBC Radio Oxford Sport.

I love working for the BBC and have had so many fantastic opportunities - some of the highlights have been covering the Tour de France, making a documentary for Radio 4 and reporting on the rise in knife crime including from Glasgow where they've seen a big drop in the numbers of people being stabbed to death.

With damaging fake news proliferating and living through a pandemic, providing accurate and impartial news has never been so important. Hopefully I'll have many more years in the industry.

BBC Radio Oxford, where it all began : )
TV and radio reporting at 2015 General Election

Reporting live from Man City stadium
Reporting on the Tour de France in Paris
Interviewing at Tour de Yorkshire

Sunday 5 July 2020

Sleep in lockdown

I'm fascinated by sleep and recently learned a huge amount about why it's so important for our health by reading the book 'Why We Sleep' by Matthew Walker. I've found I'm not sleeping as well as I did before lockdown and found some interesting stats. A recent national survey found unease around the current situation affected the sleep of three quarters of us. Alarmingly, 77% of people say lack of sleep is interfering with their ability to function in the day.

My experience and these stats inspired me to film this story on how lockdown has impacted on our sleep and I decided to tell the story through my own experience and with the help of the brilliant sleep coach Emma Ashford.

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