Saturday 29 March 2008

Schools TV Report

Here's a TV news report that my coursemate Dan and I put together. 3 minutes of TV takes a surprising amount of time to create and we spent the equivalent of two and a half days on it. We had to negotiate carefully with the headteachers of the two schools whether they were willing to let us film the schoolchildren and interview them. Dan is presenting the news here and did the filming of the story.

School reorganisation is a massive issue in Cardiff at the moment with some parents passionately against, and some (less vocal) in favour of the changes the Council are proposing. Put simply, there is a surplus of school places in the English-medium sector and not enough room for the children of parents who want them to go to Welsh-speaking schools. On top of this, there are a number of schools in the capital in desperate need of repair.

I'm glad I'm not one of the politicians having to try and sort this one out!

I was daunted before we started the 3 minute TV news story task but thanks to Dan and I working really well together and with the cooperation of the headteachers, we created a story I'm proud of.

Sunday 23 March 2008

Gaming the News

A 2007 Ofcom report found found that young people are rejecting TV news.

How can this be dealt with?

A friend of mine who works on developing digital media at the BBC tipped me off that 'gaming the news' could be a way of (re)engaging young people in news and current affairs. An example of this is the USA Today's Candidate's Match game. After responding to 11 multi-choice questions about politics, society and the economy, you are shown which Presidential candidate is closest to your outlook. Considering young people are more and more likely to surf the net than sit in front of the box, perhaps interactive news games are one of the ways the BBC, and all media organisations, could engage young people with the news.

Wednesday 12 March 2008

Jon Snow: The Interview

I have now got my hands on my interview with Jon Snow in the House of Commons on Wednesday 5th December. It's awash with meaty soundbites that can be used by the International Service (the NGO I did the interview for) to promote their work in supporting human rights around the world.

It may seem a little unusual because he always puts my question at the top of his answers - this is so that the soundbites can be edited out without the need for my voice.

You can read my thoughts on the interview a few days after it took place HERE and how I had the opportunity to interview Jon about human rights for the International Service HERE.

And here is the out-take (Jon dropping the battery pack of his clip mic!).

Wednesday 5 March 2008

The demise of digital radio?

It's sad to hear and read about the potential demise of digital radio. I've always been a fan and much prefer listening to digital because of the range of stations on offer, and even the scrolling text which tells me which (Radio 4!) programme I'm listening.

A set of radio ads on commercial radio that I voiced last year may soon be defunct.

Take a listen:


But I think it's too early to say digital radio's on its way out. Apparently Ford is thinking of making digital radio standard in their new cars and Ofcom has reaffirmed its support for digital (see FT article).