Wednesday 15 May 2013

My Radio 4 Programme - The Closure of the Remploy Factories

John Waite and I recording in Swansea
Today, after four months of researching, recording, scripting and editing (also known as blood, sweat and tears!) I had my first programme broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

John Waite (presenter) and I (producer) travelled to Darlington, Swansea and Wigan investigating the impact of the closure of the Remploy factories, which provided 'sheltered' employment for disabled workers.

It was an exhausting process but has given me the invaluable experience of working on a longer form programme rather than the daily news shows that I'm used to producing and reporting for. 

In my eyes investigative journalism like this is the purest and toughest form of the profession. There are no press releases to go on, you are relying on your own skill and instinct to work out what the story is and where to continue digging to uncover it.

You can listen to my programme on the iPlayer by clicking here and read my feature for the BBC News website by clicking here

Off the back of my programme an article in The New Statesman was published and Remploy was raised in Prime Minister's Questions today.