Sunday 11 January 2009

BBC World 24/7

Last year I had an idea about how the BBC News website could be improved. I even suggested it to one of the top brass on the beeb website. It was not followed up on, hence I'll tell you my great idea!...

I think the BBC News World site should have a map of the world on its homepage. All the new stories coming into the BBC from their journalists around the world would be placed on or around the map (with an arrow) where the story is taking place - much as they do in 'The Week', if you're cultured enough to have read the magazine. Each story would have a small video clip on a loop or photo in or near the map.

It would be called 'BBC World 24/7' and would reflect the non-stop, worldwide nature of the BBC - something I feel the website doesn't make the most of.

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