Thursday 21 January 2016

Teen Fundraiser

This story is really inspiring, it was a pleasure to film and edit.

It's about a teenager from Chesterfield who was given life-saving treatment for a rare form of leukaemia. Andrew Davies is now aiming to raise the £150 thousand pounds the treatment cost for the Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity.

It's my first 'self-authored' report which is where the person in the story tells their story instead of the reporter. In order to make this work I had to think hard before filming about the interview answers I needed from Andrew so that it could be tied together into a report with a beginning, middle and end. I also had to consider which images I could use to illustrate this story - here I had access to a number of photos of Andrew during and after his treatment and I arranged to film in the Children's Hospital labs and at one of his check-ups with his consultant.

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  1. Brave of Andrew Davies to talk so eloquently and clearly about his illness and wishing to give back in a practical and idealistic way. Practical idealism - great.
    Also impressed that this interview was set up so that he could do it on his own.