Sunday 22 October 2017

Puppies Stolen

I took a call whilst out and about on Saturday from a very upset farmer who told me 7 sheepdog puppies had been stolen from his farm in the Peak District. On Monday I went and filmed a story with him...

Thankfully there was good news that night. After it was on Look North, five of the puppies were found in a plastic box in a wood a few miles from their home. Two of the puppies are still missing and Derbyshire Police are investigating. The family are convinced that it was thanks to the story being on Look North that the puppies were dumped and ended up being found. It's either that or their Facebook campaign that went viral. It feels good to have been able to help. Here's my story from the next day when I got to meet them : ) They call it puppy love and I've got it!

BBC Copyright

My story went viral on social media and my three tweets got more than 800 retweets, likes and replies. I think this story shows the positive side of social media...and regional TV news!

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