Thursday 24 March 2011

Audio Wedding

My friend (and best man) Matt Willis and I gave our friends Joel and Issy an unusual wedding present - an audio diary of their special day. Our edit lasts 47 minutes but here is our 5 minute, cut down version...
Joel and Issy's Wedding short by markansell

I hope you enjoyed it. Matt and I have even considered setting up a business offering engaged couples this service. After all, it's more intimate than a video of the wedding, and the pictures are better of course!

In case you'd like to hear more, here's the full version:

Joel and Issy's Wedding by markansell


  1. Am one of the bride's many sisters... and think you guys did a great job on this - such a thoughtful gift! They will laugh at themselves when they are old. Excellent.

  2. I LOVE this idea Mark! What a lovely present to give them.