Sunday 30 December 2007

Radio Feature

This is a radio programme feature about Cardiff Council's proposal to build a school in the Llanrumney recreation ground - I also covered the story as an online feature (below). It is an assessed part of my course and is intended for 'Good Morning Wales' on BBC Radio Wales for broadcast on Friday 14th December. The piece starts with an intro from a presenter:

PRESENTER: "Interested in how Cardiff's schools are organised?
Well you'll know then that there are radical plans to change things around.

And there are now only seven days left to let the council know how you feel about it all.
One of the proposals is to build a new school on part of the Llanrumney recreation ground.
But this is proving unpopular, thousands of people have signed a petition against it.
Our Education Correspondent Mark Ansell has been in the east of the city."

Click here to listen to my feature.

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